Is “wholesome” boring?

One of the regular readers of this blog was commenting to me last week that they like it because it is “wholesome”. This was meant as a real positive. There is quite enough anger and emotion across the Internet. Hearing everyday stories of someone in retirement is comforting, like a mug of cocoa or a warm blanket. But I confess that when I heard “wholesome” my immediate interpretation was “boring”.

Wholesome photos from my life this week!

This blog was started two years ago, when I left work, because I had written a weekly business blog to my team for many years and I knew I would miss it. The work blogs could also be considered wholesome I guess, but they perhaps had more edge. The usual pattern was to write about something that had happened to me that week, something that connected in how we were working, and a reflection on what that meant to me. Perhaps something we should change, perhaps something to celebrate, perhaps something to reinforce.

This retirement blog has less of that insight, and more mindfulness. Does that make it boring? No doubt some people would say so. But for my regular readers I hope that it does bring some gentle insight and for me it certainly helps me understand my feelings and intentions.

So I have decided that “wholesome” is a word to be proud of. A wholesome blog is to be welcomed. A wholesome life is to be celebrated.

Are you wholesome too?

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