Reasons to be cheerful part 1

I am known for my relentless positivity. It has served me well at work and at home, even if it can be irritating for those around me. But I have to confess that this past week has been tough to stay positive, even for me. No family at Christmas. Significantly increased risk for me and others catching Covid-19. Friends getting sick. Our Orkney trip in January looking increasingly unlikely. Christmas is my favourite time of the year, and with my retirement this week it was meant to be special. I feel cheated.

But that is an unhelpful feeling for me. So I am determined to find a top ten reasons to be cheerful.

  1. I am healthy and if we stay isolated I expect to stay healthy
  2. I have many friends and family
  3. I am super lucky to be able to retire at a relatively young age. Mandy & I look forward to many adventures.
  4. I am so grateful to my many friends at NatWest for an incredible set of virtual leaving events.
  5. I have had some amazing Christmases and will do so again
We stayed at Swinton Park last Christmas
  1. This too will pass. In just a few months we will look back on this sad time as something from history
  2. Our Orkney trip has not been cancelled, just postponed, and maybe this takes the pressure off for when we move our narrowboat to England
  3. We are still having a lovely day on 25th, when this blog publishes, with excesses of fine food, drink and seasonal cheerfulness
  4. Zoom means we get to see as well as hear our relatives
  5. The days are getting longer.

To quote Bollywood film “Om Shanti Om”:
“Today I believe that just like the films, in life too, everything is okay in the end. Happy ending. And if it’s not so, it’s not the end. The film isn’t over yet my friend.”

Happy Christmas my friends,

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  1. Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to you and family. I am impressed with your quoting a Bollywood movie. Times are tough, I guess only the positivity and optimism will get us through this period.

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